2in1 Strawberry Shampoo&Shower Gel

2in1 Strawberry Shampoo&Shower Gel
  • Bath fun
  • Head-to-toe
  • Strawberry freshness
2in1 Strawberry Shampoo&Shower Gel 2in1 Strawberry Shampoo&Shower Gel 1-year


Who doesn’t just love the sweet scent of strawberries? Your little one probably does, which is why we have added it to our Shampoo & Shower gel, together with other skin-caring ingredients. Our special formula with herbal extracts and hydrating panthenol combines two actions in one fun and fruity product. Mild ingredients gently clean and care for the skin, while added softening components make the hair easier to comb through after washing. Gentle to the eyes, this true friend contains panthenol, vitamin B3 and herbal extracts from linden and camomile. It turns bath-time into play time, with a soft and fluffy foam.

Bathing and washing is a constantly recurring routine for young children. And while most kids love to play and splash about in the water, some will protest and resist when it’s time for bath again. To keep things interesting, use a range of bath products and fragrances, and get a few fun and colourful bath sponges. That way, bath time will always be filled with surprises, and your little one might actually be rushing into the bathroom to experience another adventure. Advice: Do not leave small children unattended in the bathroom until they are at least 5 years old, even if they can wash themselves independently. Use: With a small amount of water, work into a lather between your hands before applying to hair and body. Rinse well with water.

Our 2in1 Strawberry Shampoo & Shower gel has a fruity strawberry colour and scent.

Vitamin B3

One of the most stable B vitamins, has been purposefully added to our hair-care products. Heat, oxidation and alkali resistant, it plays an important role in people’s overall health, and has a positive effect on skin and hair. It helps increase the production of ceramides and fatty acids, which are two key components that contribute to the external protection of the skin. Thus it prevents loss of water and keeps the skin hydrated, perfect for young children and people with dry or sensitive skin. Vitamin B3 also supports better the growth and pigmentation of the hair.

Linden flower extract

The flowers of the linden tree are commonly used for making a delicious and healthy tea. But the extract obtained from linden flower is also especially beneficial for skin and hair. It contains flavonoids, tannins and a-bizabolol essential oil, and we have added it to our products because of its soothing, hydrating and softening properties.

Camomile extract

Camomile extract contains active flavonoid and essential oil compounds, which are particularly beneficial in the care of sensitive skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and fights free radicals.


Also known as pro-vitamin B5, D-panthenol gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance. It penetrates the outer skin layer and maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance, whilst at the same time stimulating cell growth and regeneration.

Net: 250 ml