Cuddling your little baby is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Right from the moment of birth, this little person has become the most important and precious thing in your life. Just the thought of them fills your heart with joy, and your gentle touch contains all the love and affection you feel. Enjoy magical moments with your baby during daily nappy changes, evening bath-time, soothing massages and relaxing walks. Bebble gives you the necessary gentle care for your baby, every day and from the first day.

Even before this little treasure come to your world you need some household baby specialists to help with the first laundry and washing of the sweet little accessories.

After the first year, your baby will probably already have a few teeth, be making their first steps, and might be on their way to potty training. They will eat a variety of foods, get very messy in the process, all while displaying their seemingly endless reserves of energy. And throughout this time, when your little one is growing and discovering the world, they will need help, support, and real friends. Bebble is here for you to count on, with a series of fun and caring products for bath and style, called My Friend.

Right from the very start, you’ll be spending a lot of time changing your baby’s nappies – so you’ll want to get it right! The delicate skin in the nappy area is exposed to frequent wetness and impurities, which is why special care and attention are particularly important. Use our nappy cream at every nappy change, after cleaning with bebble wipes, soap or body wash. The cream’s handy little tube makes it ideal to take along, and will easily fit in your handbag. Bebble’s nappy rash cream is a real lifesaver, and offers instant relief in cases of red, sore or irritated skin.

Bath time is a relaxing ritual that marks the end of a loving day, and prepares your little treasure for the sweetest of dreams. Apart from keeping the baby clean and sweet-smelling, a daily bath helps to develop muscle tone and improve circulation. Being able to splash and float around in water is a stimulating experience for your baby. After rounding up the ritual with a gentle massage, your little one will be squeaky clean, warm, relaxed, and ready for bed. Bebble’s shampoo & body wash is the perfect all-over shampoo for a relaxing, tear-free bath. If you’re bathing without washing baby’s hair, or are cleaning baby’s bottom after a nappy change, you have the choice between liquid wash gel, creamy soap or our quick and easy wipes.

Bath time, like any routine, can be perceived by children as a bit of a drag, and lead to resistance and endless negotiations. But all of this is usually forgotten when bubbles fill the bath and the water games begin. For the everyday hygiene of young children, Bebble has developed a range of fun, caring and aromatic bath time products. With several 2-in-1 products, My Friend Bath Time is quick and playful, just like growing kids. We consulted a panel of our youngest experts, and selected their favourite fragrances: banana, strawberry and watermelon. As specialists in children’s daily care, we also know how difficult and unpleasant hair combing can be, for both girls and boys. That’s why we have developed a detangling conditioner, which conveniently can be used on both wet and dry hair, and will help you make friends with the hair brush again.

Your little angel’s skin is very different from yours; it is thin and delicate, almost transparent. It will build its strength and thickness over the next few years. That is why your baby needs special skin protection, daily moisturising and nourishing. The first few months after birth, your cute little bundle will be spending most of their time sleeping and resting, without moving very much. A daily massage will help develop muscle tone, and stimulate circulation.
Depending on the season and your personal preferences, choose from our range of skincare products, specially developed for even the smallest babies; Milk – for dry and sensitive skin, Oil – for massages and cold weather, and Cream – for quick application, suitable for travelling.

Daily walks, fresh air, a gentle breeze, and the warmth of the sun – right from the very beginning your baby will enjoy and benefit from being outside as much as you do. In addition to your daily range of skin cleansing and nourishing products, you’ll want extra special care for your little one’s face and hands, which often remain exposed to the influences of external factors. Choose either our rich wind&weather cream, for a cold and windy walks, or the light formula of our facial cream – perfect for milder seasons.

Oh, those little teeth! They tend to cause trouble even before they have fully appeared! You may expect the first signs of teething around the 4th month, but of course all babies are different, so don’t worry if symptoms occur earlier or later. If your little one is irritable, in pain, develops a temperature or diarrhoea, and especially if he or she is drooling, you could be expecting a new tooth to break through any time.

Your baby may be biting and chewing on anything they can get hold of, to relieve the pressure on swollen gums. Bebble has the perfect solution for this difficult period: our Teething Gel relieves irritation and swollen gums caused by emerging milk teeth. Once your baby can stand steadily on their feet – usually between the 8th and 12th month- you can start teaching them how to brush their teeth with a toothbrush. The low-abrasive and anti-caries ingredients of Bebble’s toothpastes gently cleans the first teeth.

All those things you use on a daily basis with your baby – cute little clothes, soft blankets, favourite toys and baby bottles – they too need to be cleaned and cared for. To help you with this, Bebble has developed special products for cleaning and washing, with a mild yet effective biodegradable formula. With our Liquid Laundry Detergent your little one’s clothes and linens will be kept clean and tidy. And our Bottle, Toy and Dish Wash will help you wash up quickly and easily after a day full of eat, play and sleep.