Detangling Conditioner

Detangling Conditioner
  • Smoothing
  • Fast
  • Static-free
Detangling Conditioner Detangling Conditioner 1-year


Help, a comb! If your child suffers from hair that tangles easily, you’ll probably be familiar with the tears and tantrums that go along with combing or brushing it. And of course, we know there are more important things in the world than the perfect hair-do, especially for little children. But we also believe that longer hair can easily be maintained without suffering and pain, and Bebble’s detangling spray conditioner can help you with that. It nourishes and softens hair, and makes it easier to comb through. It reduces static caused by brushing or combing, keeps hair tangle free, and helps to shape hair. The no-rinse formula can be used on dry and wet hair.

To take the fuss out of hair combing and early morning routines, always keep Bebble’s ‘magical’ detangling conditioner at hand. Place the conditioner in sight with other hair accessories, but out of reach of little children. Explain that they can rely on their ‘magical conditioner’ to quickly and painlessly help comb hair, but that it will only work when applied by and adult and without the child seeing it. That way you can control correct use of the spray, without applying too much to your little one’s delicate hair. A perfect combination of moisturizing and softening ingredients, it is guaranteed to bring lots of fun – especially when combined with our fruity 2in1 Shampoo & Shower gel. Use: Use on wet or dry hair, no more than once a day. Spray onto the hair (3-4 pumps for medium length hair) and comb through after 15 seconds.

Vegetable glycerine

Derived as a by-product of vegetable oils in the production of soap. It is completely harmless for the body, and has a calming and moisturizing effect on the skin. It stimulates skin regeneration, leaving it fresh, soft and smooth.


Also known as pro-vitamin B5, D-panthenol gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance. It penetrates the outer skin layer and maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance, whilst at the same time stimulating cell growth and regeneration.

Net: 150 ml